Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Owe sye?

"Owe-sye?" He says.

Oh....how I adore these questions. These little snapshots of just how far we have come. (smile)

I find myself daily stopping, and just staring. Soaking in all that is this little miracle of a child. He makes my heart all squishy, and I think that maybe its good for me. I think so.

I hope that you will excuse my absence. I have been nothing short of overwhelmed and swept up in my new role in this world. Working mother. Yikes, not something that I thought I would be doing this early in our journey with Remy, but a change that was both welcome, and needed. Never in my life have I worked in a position that I was so absolutely sure that I would be amazing at. THIS is THAT job. It feels good. :) ((deep deep breath))

Back to this boy. This incredible boy. Let me walk you through the conversation. Know ahead of time that while Remy has a fairly large vocabulary, a great deal of his communication is implied....and translated by me.....I hope he doesn't mind. (I would like you to read his part as Pepe la Pew voice. That is how I am hearing it in my head)

Him: "Owe-sye?"

Me: "Not right now baby."

No..you say?

Perhaps you have not seen my moves.

Oh no...I am so sad.

That is no good? Well look here at how charming I am.....

No? Perhaps you will like me when I am serious?

...and so it went. I had to weed through about 30 photos. I don't know why I can't just put the camera down and take the kid outside. I did. Don't worry.

I am committing to more frequent posts. I am getting a grip on my life, hopefully. :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

zoo-y kind of day

Do you ever just feel like all is right with the world? It is rare in this life of three boys that we have a day that just begins and ends, well, perfectly. This, my friends, was one of those days. The first warm Saturday of the season, four boys (including daddy of course) and one me, just being.

Being brothers,

being sons,
being beautiful,
being kids....

I hope that THESE are the days that they remember.