Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Owe sye?

"Owe-sye?" He says.

Oh....how I adore these questions. These little snapshots of just how far we have come. (smile)

I find myself daily stopping, and just staring. Soaking in all that is this little miracle of a child. He makes my heart all squishy, and I think that maybe its good for me. I think so.

I hope that you will excuse my absence. I have been nothing short of overwhelmed and swept up in my new role in this world. Working mother. Yikes, not something that I thought I would be doing this early in our journey with Remy, but a change that was both welcome, and needed. Never in my life have I worked in a position that I was so absolutely sure that I would be amazing at. THIS is THAT job. It feels good. :) ((deep deep breath))

Back to this boy. This incredible boy. Let me walk you through the conversation. Know ahead of time that while Remy has a fairly large vocabulary, a great deal of his communication is implied....and translated by me.....I hope he doesn't mind. (I would like you to read his part as Pepe la Pew voice. That is how I am hearing it in my head)

Him: "Owe-sye?"

Me: "Not right now baby."

No..you say?

Perhaps you have not seen my moves.

Oh no...I am so sad.

That is no good? Well look here at how charming I am.....

No? Perhaps you will like me when I am serious?

...and so it went. I had to weed through about 30 photos. I don't know why I can't just put the camera down and take the kid outside. I did. Don't worry.

I am committing to more frequent posts. I am getting a grip on my life, hopefully. :)


  1. Okay so firstly...LOVE the use of "squishy". :) Also...glad to know you're okay. Just busy. Lastly...he Trevy are totally cutsie buddies!


  2. Ya like the squishy? Usually, I would go with mushy....but I must have been thinking of you whilst I was blogging! And our boys are absolutely to-die-for cutesie.

  3. Love the pics! Hope things calm down a little. We must get together one of these days.