Saturday, March 27, 2010

Off he goes.

Deep breath. That should help... right? Maybe not. I knew this day was coming, but in my mind, not yet. 2 1/2 years old? Preschool five days a week? Really? Is that a good idea? Am I a bad mom for putting my little man on a school bus, before he is even potty trained? Well, maybe, I guess....but I don't think so.

Remy started attending the Douglas Road Elementary Special Education Preschool classroom.






He is doing so many new things every single day. I am so proud to be his mom, and forever grateful to live in a "from birth" state. Children in MI, who meet eligibility requirements can receive special education services through the school district from birth. Most states do not start serving children within the school system until the age of three. This, I am sure of it, has played an enormous role in the progress he has made.

Thank you Dr. Chugani, and Kathy, and Dr. Sood (not part of ISD, or even the county, but a HUGE part of our lives), and Kim, and Carolyn (Marilyn too), and Miss Nikki, and Jolynn, and Brenda, and Brandy, and Kirsty and EVERYONE ELSE at the ISD for preparing my perfect little boy for this transition. Miss Michelle, we look forward to an amazing couple of years in your classroom.

Check out Rem on his first day...loving his "pack-pack".

Look at that beautiful squat. It's the little things...

You can't tell, but he is actually looking into the door of the bus, right at the bus driver. Not too sure about this.

All strapped in and ready to go (glasses are off to keep him from throwing them around the bus).

Look in the back seat, you can make out the profile of his hawk. Sad mommy is super proud.

This is only the beginning. And I am loving the way that things are unfolding.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Something to remember me by......

Brodie: "I still want to be an artist when I grow up. And a professional skateboarder."

Me: "Still? Thats sounds really cool Brode."

Brodie: "Do you like my background? I am working really hard on this background. I'll do the monsters next. Should I do two or three monsters on this background?"

Me: "It's looking pretty good dude. How many monsters do YOU want?"

Brodie: "I think three, and I'll do the whole bodies."

Me: "Good idea man. I love it."

Brodie: "If I'm an artist, and I die before you....all you have to do is go to the museum and look at my art. That way you can always remember me."

Me: "Wow Brodie, I hope that doesn't happen."

Brodie: (with an amazing little out-of-the-side-of-his-mouth smile) "I know, but if I do die before you, won't you like to see my art in a museum?"

Me: "That would be awesome."

He is crazy-awesome. I love him.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Pins and Pals....

Happy Birthday to my sneaky little monkey. Of course, it is belated on the are most things. The celebration, however, was right on time. My Matai is 5.


My "middle" is 5. Somehow that feels both wrong and amazing all at once.

I guess a lot of things about motherhood feel that way. beautiful little boy, bowling, birthday cake, and a zillion little buggers to share it with.

Why is he so positively gorgeous? It really doesn't make sense... but he makes my heart melt.

Well, most of the time. (smile) (maybe a wink too)

The "others" had fun too, and of course, they are painfully beautiful as well......

Are we in agreement here?

Monday, March 1, 2010

Sleep....whats that?

Wow. Just wow. I am exhausted. I would have thought that the worst possible symptom of Tuberous Sclerosis Complex was Infantile Spasms. Surely it is, but at this point I am realizing that it is all relative to the current situation. Remy's sleep schedule is




He has, for reasons I can not understand, decided that his two year old body does not need a nap during the day. I, for one, would not complain about said lack of nap if he would at least agree to a decent bed time. Wait, maybe not. See 8 pm bedtime....see Remy up by 2 am.


Apparently, this "normal" when it comes to TSC. "Normal". Thats a funny word. He is an amazing miracle of a little child, don't get me wrong. I would stay up for the rest of my life if it kept him from seizing, but holy crap. I mean, really?!

I need a nap.

Some nights, a little late-night-elmo is in order. He will smash his little face against the side of his playpen just to get a glimpse of his furry little friend.