Monday, March 15, 2010

Pins and Pals....

Happy Birthday to my sneaky little monkey. Of course, it is belated on the are most things. The celebration, however, was right on time. My Matai is 5.


My "middle" is 5. Somehow that feels both wrong and amazing all at once.

I guess a lot of things about motherhood feel that way. beautiful little boy, bowling, birthday cake, and a zillion little buggers to share it with.

Why is he so positively gorgeous? It really doesn't make sense... but he makes my heart melt.

Well, most of the time. (smile) (maybe a wink too)

The "others" had fun too, and of course, they are painfully beautiful as well......

Are we in agreement here?


  1. I concur!..these babies are completely georgous...i bet they would be best buds with my boys if we were still back in you all

  2. Can it really be that he's 5!!!????!!!!!
    he is such a beauty!