Saturday, March 27, 2010

Off he goes.

Deep breath. That should help... right? Maybe not. I knew this day was coming, but in my mind, not yet. 2 1/2 years old? Preschool five days a week? Really? Is that a good idea? Am I a bad mom for putting my little man on a school bus, before he is even potty trained? Well, maybe, I guess....but I don't think so.

Remy started attending the Douglas Road Elementary Special Education Preschool classroom.






He is doing so many new things every single day. I am so proud to be his mom, and forever grateful to live in a "from birth" state. Children in MI, who meet eligibility requirements can receive special education services through the school district from birth. Most states do not start serving children within the school system until the age of three. This, I am sure of it, has played an enormous role in the progress he has made.

Thank you Dr. Chugani, and Kathy, and Dr. Sood (not part of ISD, or even the county, but a HUGE part of our lives), and Kim, and Carolyn (Marilyn too), and Miss Nikki, and Jolynn, and Brenda, and Brandy, and Kirsty and EVERYONE ELSE at the ISD for preparing my perfect little boy for this transition. Miss Michelle, we look forward to an amazing couple of years in your classroom.

Check out Rem on his first day...loving his "pack-pack".

Look at that beautiful squat. It's the little things...

You can't tell, but he is actually looking into the door of the bus, right at the bus driver. Not too sure about this.

All strapped in and ready to go (glasses are off to keep him from throwing them around the bus).

Look in the back seat, you can make out the profile of his hawk. Sad mommy is super proud.

This is only the beginning. And I am loving the way that things are unfolding.


  1. you are an AMAZING mom!! I'm just saying...I could seriously eat him he's so flippin cute!!

  2. the hair!

    I remember the feeling watching the school bus drive away with my 2 1/2 year old...I felt like the worst mom in the world. Sending Cole to school was the best decision. Fast forward a year...holy cow...he is a different child! Some much progress in a short span.

    Remy will love playing with the other kids...he will learn so much! They grow so fast!

  3. First things first he is so cute! Love the hair and second you are so not a bad mom. You are one of the best moms I have ever met always trying to be a better mom is the definition of a good mom.

  4. I'm sucha panzie! I'm all weepy about Trevy going to school next week! And we're in onea those states that waits until the child is 3. Although...there are benefits of staying with EI too. I've formed such a bond with these girls...they've been with us for sooooo long! *sigh*

    Well...seeing how squishably cute Remy looked all decked out in his backpack and glasses...

    makes me a little excited to see how Trevy does!


    Loved this post!


  5. oh...and my hubs is impressed you can hawk a hemi boy! Trevy's scar impedes the hawk territory! What's up with that?! I may have to chat with Sood on this one! ;)


  6. Danielle, I have to fight for that hawk. His scar is beautiful, except for this one impossible little I-will-always-be-here-to-remind-you sort of way. The scar and I fight on a daily basis....most days, I win. I was thinking of blogging on it, stay tuned. :)
    The one A.MAZE.ING thing about the preschool Remy is going to, is that he keeps most of our team until he goes to Kindergarden. PT and ST are the same, our OT will be VERY missed when she returns from her maternity leave.

    Thanks everyone for the well-wishes. It's incredible to know that Rem-dog has people lovin' on him.

  7. I know I am a little behind in the game, but welcome to Miss Michelle's class! Deanna came home on Remy's first day and told us all about her new friend "Bemy". It was to cute! I know he will do just awesome in there! We are so blessed to have such a great team working with our little ones!