Monday, October 26, 2009

He's Too Young for This...

Picture this. A four year old boy, a swing, a sunny sky and the realization that life doesn't go on forever. Not fair. Well, not the mortality thing, that makes sense, it's the little boy coming to grips with it that makes me sad.
Brodie came running to the back door yesterday day and says, "Tai Tai is so, so sad because he knows that people die someday, and that daddy is almost an old man, so he is going to die soon." Mind you, Matthew is only 30, which makes it a bit funny. We look out the back door to see this:

You can't quite make out the tears, but they are there.
I have these terrible, vivid memories of being a kid and being kept up at night over these very same thoughts. The difference is, I was 12.
Here is Daddy trying to make things better.

Here he is after being explained the whole heaven thing. Daddy gets pretty technical, but I think he is ok. It is just such an amazing picture of how resilient kids are. Just 30 minutes after realizing his father's mortality, he is as happy as can be. Kids are so cool.

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  1. Do you think he was only happy because he realized that there is also a thing called a Will and he'd be receiving some cool gifts? I mean thats how I was when I was a kid....

    I love your family.