Sunday, October 25, 2009

Oh, How We Love the Park.

Ok, so one thing that I have learned as mother of boys, is that if they sit still for too long, things are going to get ugly. The most difficult thing about having three boys, all on different schedules is making sure that they get out and move enough. While it doesn't happen as often as we all would like, we go to the park quite a bit. We love Parmalee because Brodie can skate, and then we can all go play.
Here are just a few pics from out last trip to the park. You can tell it is fall, as the snot is flowing.

Unfortunately, I have no photo references to what Uncle Ed was playing with the kids. He had them all convinced that the concrete squares on the ground were graves, and the numbers were the dates when the people died. Beyond the idea of dead bodies being buried in their park, he had them convinced that they were zombies too. Thanks Uncle Ed.

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