Saturday, October 24, 2009

My Little.....Angel?

So, we are driving home from Jamie's house the other day, after a REALLY long day of errand running, and both Matai and Remy have completely and fully HAD IT with the car. And probably with me for that matter. As I am turning back onto Summit in Sylvania, I hear a shockingly angry voice from the back seat that says;

"Mommy, I wish that you were someone different!"

Naturally, I'm slightly heart-broken, wondering just who the child that I bore and brought into this world would rather I be. Surely, I, his mother, must be the picture of perfection as far human beings go in the eyes of a four year old boy. I think before responding, so as not to react too harshly. I say "Well, sweetie, who do you wish I was?"

He says, "I wish you looked different than you do."

Again, broken heart. Aren't little boys supposed to think that their mothers are the most beautiful things on earth. Just days ago, this boy was planning on marrying me when he grew up, and now.... he wishes looked like someone else. Sigh. I say to my charming little Matai "Oh yeah, buddy. How should I look." I have no idea what I am expecting, but his response could not have been further than what I ever could have imagined.

After thinking for a few seconds he responds "One long spike of hair coming out of the top of your head! You should do your hair like that!"

RELIEF! He does love me. He just wants me to have awesome hair. For this, and many other things, I love him.

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