Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Most of you are aware of my plans to leave for Haiti tomorrow. A group of 12 us were to leave tomorrow morning at 11:30, and provide eye care, and other various things to the people of Desalines. As of last night, our trip was cancelled, as the airport is not accepting flights into Port au Prince.
The magnitude of what is happening in Haiti right now is something that I can not fully grasp. I am devastated for the people that we so badly wanted, and still want to help. In a time of unimaginable need, what I have to offer is not enough. Haiti needs help, bigger than what a dozen people from Crossroads Community Church are able to give. Contact your local Red Cross, find an organization accepting supplies, and monetary donations to help a country who is simply UNABLE to help itself.

I am currently waiting to hear about the possibility of a local drop off center, and will post as soon as I get word. For now, I just ask that you pray for the people affected, and for those organizations who have been cleared to make a difference in Haiti.

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  1. Crossroads will be a drop off center... just so you know - starting I believe Friday morning - I'll let you know for sure.