Monday, January 18, 2010

No girls {allowed}

So maybe I didn't get the chance to have a daughter. Maybe I WILL live my life as THAT mom. You know the one I'm talking about, don't you? The one that you see walk into the store and your first thought is:

"Aww. That poor woman has her hands full."

followed quickly by:

"Why won't she shut up?! I am sick of her voice already!" (you know, b/c of the constant correcting of three boys, and I get sick of my own voice, just to be clear)

Yes....yes I do. I have my hands full... of little boys. I have my days filled will rough housing, urine soaked bathroom floors, and farts, and quite often....blood. Glamorous, don't you think?

I was sure that I would have girls, but I think that GOD was just protecting the world when he gave me my kids. You see, my thought is, that if I can produce little BOYS this pretty: would actually be painful to look at my daughter. Just a thought.


  1. good point,Alicia! the world just wasn't prepared for that kind of pretty.
    and,i must say that it's "probably" better to have pretty looking boys than masculine looking girls!