Saturday, January 9, 2010

AGAIN! With the garbage!

So I know what you are thinking. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS WOMAN?! Why so many posts about her little dude eating out out of trash. While this entry may speak of said trash, it in no way involves the consumption of discarded materials.

Cross my heart.

While the garbage eating has subsided for the time being (please, please, please), he has a new found hobby almost equally as disturbing.





Ugh! I have found entire cupboards worth of dishes in that dirty little can, along with numerous toys, clothing items and even bills (not so bad I must say). One might ask why I don't just put the trash under the sink. I will tell you why. I have Ikea cabinetry, and it won't fit. Ridiculous.

Alright... there I was. Frantically readying myself for the day ahead (because frantically is how we do everything in the morning), when I hear those beautiful little lopsided footsteps coming down the hall.

bump BUMP bump BUMP bump BUMP (perfect little unbalanced baby).

I hear plain as day,"fjal dkhid;i dkjaidk GLASSES. alkjdic kdhia kdvik GARBAGE."

Excuse the gibberish, I really wouldn't know where to begin trying to spell the strange things that come out of his mouth. That being said, two words were clear as day. Glasses and garbage. You can only image what that little monster did.

At lease he told on himself....right?

Upon retrieval, Remy made it very clear as to why he threw his new specs away.

Because. He. Hates. Them. Poor sad baby.

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