Sunday, January 24, 2010

No Fool!

Where is the innocence? I can't help but ask myself where I have gone wrong with my amazing little monsters. Now, we are very clear with our children just why we celebrate Christmas, and what it means to us. I mean, come on...Matai can tell your every single detail outlined in the story of Jesus' birth, and I have to admit, it is pretty amazing. While I am absolutely beyond thrilled that my kiddo's get what we are celebrating, I had a moment of sadness on Christmas eve. After a day of fun with the, fun, family, and as always TONS of gifts, we were winding down, when this conversation took place:

Me: "Time for bed boys. You better go to sleep really fast because it is Christmas eve!"

Brodie: "Ok. I think Nina got me everything I asked her for. I made her a list. That means she got it all for me."

Me: "Well we will have to see tomorrow. Right now, you have to go to bed."

They start making their way to the bedroom, all excited about what is going to ensue over the next 24 hours, and I am feeling awfully proud of myself that we can make this so special for them. Then I hear this...

Matai: "Do you think if wake up at night and come out of my room, I will see you and dad putting the presents under the tree?"

Me: "Don't you mean Santa?"

Matai: "No, you and dad do it."

Hmmmm. That seems sad. Have I failed my four year old. Brodie is over it too. He says that moms and dads do it because Santa is pretend. He has, however, assured me that he would not divulge this devastating information to the rest of his first grade class. Crazy, smart kids.


  1. Oh I would cry! Although clearly your kids are very bright!

  2. Just wanted to say you have the cutest kids!