Friday, January 15, 2010

Start the Healing!

It is official. Crossroads Community Church in an official drop off point for relief supplies to be sent to Haiti. These are the items most desperately needed:

First Aide Kits
Bandages-all sizes
antibiotic creams
pain relievers (tylenol for adults AND for children, Motrin Ib profen etc.)
Antibiotics are severely needed (amoxil, penecillin, etc)
canned goods
can openers
bottled water
*I haven't heard for sure, but I would assume that old crutches and canes could be used as well.

Please do not donate clothing. There is not room and clothing is not a huge need in Haiti. The salvation army keeps them well stocked with clothing. Lets fill these HUGE and immediate needs for our brothers and sisters in Haiti.

Drop off all items to:
Crossroads Community Church
6960 Sylvania Petersburg Rd.
Ottawa Lake, MI 49267
(Located right off of exit 1 on 23)

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