Tuesday, November 3, 2009


So, you know those days when you are just blown away by how amazing your kids are. When they surprise you in such a way that you are left....speechless? Yesterday was one of those days.

Remy's neurological issues (TSC, seizures and Infantile Spasms), but him at very high risk for this crazy H1N1 business. Needless to say, he had to be vaccinated. So yesterday, at 3pm, I , along with about a zillion other people, took part in what can only be described as MASS HYSTERIA. We stood......we waited.....we stood.....we waited...we glared at those holding spots for their friends and smirked at the poor suckers that were heading ALL the way to the back of the line, for hours... and hours to get a flippin' vaccine. All with fingers crossed that the person in front of us wouldn't get the very....last....one.

We made it though. I have proudly adopted the title of "Super Mom". Yeah, thats me. Three boys, all aged six and under, in line for over two hours for the dreaded shot, and we made it.

We had a full four minutes of tears from the Brode Man, who came unglued when he saw the needle. Which, by the way, was quite impressive in size. He hit the floor and that was it for him. I had to hold that big ol' six year old on my lap, one leg draped over his while restraining his entire upper body with my arms as he watch... in complete horror, as I allowed a strange man to stab him in the arm and put a foreign substance into his body. Hmm, it sounds terrible when I put it that way. Imagine how HE felt.


In comes Matai. After witnessing his older brother writher on the ground like some kind of maniac, snot running down his face, and screams of terror echoing throughout the high school gym, my little tough guy manned up...
He walked right up to the pharmacist, pulled down the neck of shirt and stuck his shoulder out there with a look of "Oh, I got this." The needle went in...nothing, not even a flinch. When it is all over, and the bandaid is finally in place, my little monster looked me right in the eye, pulled up his sleeve, pats his arm and says.........."Didn't hurt."

He has had his little chin up in the air ever since.