Sunday, November 29, 2009

Aye, me.

So, when you have a little guy with special needs, especially when dealing with neurological disorders, you're pretty much always looking for "stuff". Every little thing that they do, if it is at all different from their "norm", is scrutinized, and analyzed, and weighed and measured,




One thing I am always on the lookout for is sensory stuff. Anytime Remy shows any type of fear, or discomfort in a situation, my mind wanders to sensory disorders. It can actually be sort of all consuming. Exhausting, even. And so, it goes, I have begun a new obsession in the world of "Does Remy Have a Sensory Disorder?". He is TERRIFIED of the shower. It is super weird. The sound of it throws him into a frenzy, and he can't rest until he closes the bathroom door and hides in his bedroom. He is a complete spaz, and it FREAKS ME OUT. Now, he is not afraid to take a shower with me, but alone (I often would bathe him on the shower floor, he liked it, and it was just easier)...not happening. During a regular bath in the tub, he even started trying to climb out all together. Obviously, I immediately jumped to the conclusion that he had developed some sort of water aversion. This would, no doubt, make bathing very difficult. Panicky moms, always come up with the best solutions...

Kitchen sink bath! Of course! He wasn't so sure at first:

But he started to warm up to the situation a few minutes in.

We even clapped and sang a few songs.

Now, we have a perfectly doable bath time routine with no tears.
.....and no fear of water either.


  1. Cole still HATES his bath. He is ok until the water starts touching his head. I have often thought of the sensory issues with him as well.

  2. All I have to say is...I think I just found my clone after reading this post! I am always doing the same thing!! And Maddie has lot's of sensory issues too.