Monday, November 23, 2009

....a mullet?

NO! Not his hair! I know what you were thinking...but just forget it, these locks are no a mullet! They are a beautiful, luscious waterfall of golden waves, and don't you forget it.

God bless 'em! Kids and their ridiculously hilarious word mixups. They make me want to cry. So, here we are, making breakfast, and beginning our daily ritual of readying ourselves (you remember "the list", right?), when Matai comes up with the best one I have heard in quite some time.

Me: "Hey guys, what do you want for breakfast?"

Brodie:" I don't know, what do we have?" (EVERYDAY! THE SAME THING! HE KNOWS WHAT WE HAVE!)

Me: "You can have waffles, or cereal. What one do you want?"

Brodie:"A waffle!"

Matai: "I want fruit loops!"

Me: "You want fruit loops Matai? Do you want milk on them?"

Matai: "Yeah. And I want them in a mullet."

.....Hm. A mullet? I can't even begin to guess what a mullet might be. Well, he is four, perhaps he can explain.

Me: "What in the world is mullet?"

Matai: " You know, the kind of thing that you drink your coffee out of. A mullet."


Really? How cute is he!? Love him, and his totally cute little self. Days that start like this make me smile.

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    Thanks, hon. Sorry to leave this in's just I don't have your email...and couldn't find it here!