Thursday, November 12, 2009

Smoke Break?

I love Grease. I don't know why, it just makes me happy. I actually had the original LP soundtrack cover hanging on my bedroom wall when I was about 4. I would carry it around and make out with the picture of John Travolta (the cardboard around his mouth was all faded and weathered), and dream of being Sandy. You know....that last scene of the movie, at the carnival. Wow, she was amazing.

Black catsuit,

curly hair,

high heels,

and.... a cigarette.

A perfectly cool little stick of sophistication, hanging from her red lips. Oh, I couldn't wait to take up smoking. I would "smoke" anything that remotely looked like a cigarette. Sucker sticks, pretzels, straws, barbie boots, and even AA batteries (probably not a great idea). It got to be a huge problem for my mom. She hated it. She had to actually put a rule into place at our house that I had to smoke outside. So, as it was, her four year old daughter would grab her smokes, and head out to the front porch to get a fix. Crazy, I know, but I did it. I HAD to do it. I HAD to be like Sandy.

Fast forward about 23 years. I, now the mother, encountered a very unexpected problem with my own children. Let me just clarify, I am not a smoker. We do not smoke, and it really isn't on TV anymore, or even all that much in movies, but Brodie and Matai both have now decided to start smoking the things that they find around the house.

Last night, while eating their snack of pretzel sticks, they both proceeded to tell me that they smoke, and would not stop pretending with their fake little cigarettes. I told them that smoking was disgusting, and that they could get really sick from it, and that I really, in fact, wished that they would not smoke. Brodie informed me that "I am just fake smoking. It isn't even real." I told those ridiculous little boys that it didn't matter if it was a real cigarette or not, they were not allowed to smoke in the house because it could make other people sick. So, off they went. I sent them to the front porch, where they smoked for quite some time until I went out and took these:

Cute little boys, smoking cute little pretzel cigarettes, and thinking that they are......cute.

Here's to hoping this is a phase.


  1. Hilarious,
    I almost peed my pants reading this. I smoked everything too just to be like Sandy. I still love Danny. Your mom is so clever to make you smoke outside. I'm sure the phase will end when it gets really cold.

  2. LOL. my parents used to buy me those candy cigarettes. and then once year, i found these fake cigs that had baby powder in the when you blew looked like smoke!! i thought i was so cool. oye.

  3. I just about fell off the couch at that picture of Brod's. Looking SOOO super bad and cool. The smoking outside story has always cracked me up and it just gets funnier.