Thursday, November 19, 2009

A thuk!! {Huh?!}

I've been getting up earlier lately. I made this promise, mostly to myself, that I was going to do things to avoid situations that can throw me into my typical irrationality. I decided that getting up at 6:15 would let me be ready when the kids get up, so that I can focus 100% of my time and energy on them. Great idea...right? I thought so. Well, Remy is absolutely foiling my plan. For the past few days, he has woken his crazy little self up at around 5:45. What? Really? And more importantly, why? I have no idea what the deal is, but man...I am so over it.
So, I let him get up. If I don't, his insane screaming will wake up the rest of the house, and an unrested is Brodie, is an evil Brodie. Well, I'm up, now Remy's up and he needs breakfast and meds, so I skip my own morning ritual and get to the work of motherhood. By the time that I am finish tending to Remy, the bear that is Brodie in the morning comes stomping down the hallway, by now it is about 7, and I really need to get moving, or else things are going to ugly, fast. I give Brodie his clothe, tell him to get dressed and run into my own bathroom to get ready. I really only NEED 20 minutes, but I'm lucky if I'll get 10, so I get moving. About five minutes into my hellish hair straightening routine I hear through the monitor:

"Ah. Ah. Ah thuck! Ah thuck!"

At first I completely ignored it, and chalked it up to Remy yelling with his crazy (though extremely entertaining) babbling. I go about my business and a few seconds later, I hear it again.

"Mooooom! Mooooom! Ah thuck, ah thuk!"

So.... maybe I should check things out? Ugh! Off I go, checking every room on my way through the house. Family room, no baby. Bedroom, no baby. Dining room, no baby. Kitchen, no baby. Wait! I walk around the island in the kitchen, and this is what I see:

Remy had pulled himself up into the top shelf of the lower cabinets and gotten himself stuck with his feet off the ground. He was STUCK! You may not be as excited at I am at this point, but what you need to understand is this: Remy got himself into a situation that he could not get out of, realized he was in trouble and called out a TWO WORD phrase that he came up with ON HIS OWN to get help! When I didn't come right away, he directed his ingenious two word phrase AT ME! He kills me. And I had to stick around to take just a few more:

I should mention that he gets into this cupboard on a daily basis. It makes me insane. This is what he does. He empties all of the clean dishes out of the cabinet, and puts them into the dirty sink, causing about two times the amount of dish washing. Not cool little man.

The only thing that was in this sink before Remy had his way with my dishes was the ceramic plate in the back, a pan and three coffee cups. The rest are all clean, and now contaminated with the disgusting dirty "dishness" of the sink. Thanks Remmers.