Saturday, December 19, 2009

Brode Man

Every now and then this little man surprises me. He likes to think that he is a total tough guy. He is, in fact, just as sweet as pie. Today, we made cookies at Nina's house and Winnie came over too. They had a blast playing hide and seek for what seemed like a zillion years. Brodie found the perfect hiding spot, and it took Winnie and Matai about fifteen minutes to find him (I had to tell him to come out). Winnie, who is their little cousin, wanted a chance to hide, so she ran to her spot, which was just about in plain sight. My brother whispered to Brodie "Can you let her think that you don't know where she is? Pretend that you can't find her for minute." Brodie just said, "I know that." He humored her for a few minutes, and all was well in world of cousins. He is so cool.

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