Friday, December 4, 2009

Mommy's little {garbage eater}

Blah! Can I just say that there is no way on this crazy planet that one can be prepared for what raising three boys will entail. Obviously, it is an adventure, one that leaves me nautious some days, but still, an adventure. I adore NEARLY every second of raising my little freak shows, but still....come on! Now tell me, have I disgusted you all enough with my previous posts, or are you ready for more? I say




Right? Ok, so Remy's latest and greatest: He LOVES trash. He loves to play in it, eat it, throw it around, crawl in it, stomp on it. Whatever. So typically, I just reroute the little punk, but this time, I needed documentation. I needed to remember this. I wanted a picture, because though atrocious it may be, it is semi-normal. He has to stand in front of the can to feast, which he does, regularly.He also has to reach really far down inside without falling, another good therapy exercise, right? Right.... Here he is shopping:

So busted.
He knows too. That is what kills me. He hears me coming and just works faster so that he can finish before I can get my hands on him. Maybe he does have a little of me in him after all.
Oh, here is one of him snacking on a cheerio he found on the floor near the garbage. Listen, no judgement. If your child has never eaten garbage, or dirt, or old food on the kitchen floor or lady bugs (Matai's chosen delicacy), then maybe I will sign up for your parenting class. Otherwise, lets just enjoy the story, k?

Oh, and did I mention that he is walking? Yeah....walking.

~double sigh~ Garbage breath or not.