Monday, December 28, 2009

Pete Schweddy's Got Nothin' on these Balls!

And we're back!!!!!(In creepy radio personality voice). Oh, how I've missed you, and I can only surmise, that the feeling is mutual. So, I've been on hiatus from my obsessive blogging, but I assure you that it was only to make it through what is the insanity of the holiday season. Though I have been slacking, I promise that my children have not taken any breaks from their typical insanity.
Rewind.... about a month ago, a friend of mine brought this amazing little treat to our small group. It was heavenly. It was these delectable little balls of peanut butter and rice crispies enveloped in a rich chocolate shell. Mmmmmm. I decided that this would be my contribution to our Thanksgiving holiday celebration, so just days before Thanksgiving, Matthew went out and obtained all necessary ingredients, and the countdown began. For days, which folded into weeks my kids asked me "What is all this stuff for?" and "When are we making the special treat?" "Mom! You said that we could make our desert today!" They were right...

I was slacking. Not completely out of character for me, I must say. Still, there is no excuse for making small children wait weeks to make junk food. None. Needless to say, Thanksgiving saw no such treat, but the day before Christmas eve, they cornered me.

"Mom, let's make a delicious treat." Tai is hilarious. Love him. He then says "I will wear my chef clothes!" For those of you who don't know, Matai is going to be a chef, and he is completely serious about it.
"I want some CHef clothes too!" Says Brodie (mind you chef has a very hard "CH" sound. He doesn't believe me that it is pronounced shef. Kids and all of their newly obtained knowledge!) However, we only had one costume and he had to make do with an old Home Depot apron. He is creative.

So it began. I can't even tell you how many times we had to stop to wash hands when a wandering finger made it's way into a salivating mouth just seconds after being reminded NOT TO LICK!!!! Ahhhh! Stressful as it was, (and very, very messy), in the end, we had these wonderful little treats that I am sure rival SNL's Schweddy Balls. Matthew has taken to calling them the Kruk Family Jewels. Not sure this will stick considering it is a stolen recipe! are the chefs:

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  1. What a great picture! You are a fantastic story teller and glad you're back!