Monday, December 7, 2009

I a play.

Dear Tuberous Sclerosis Complex,

You suck, and Remy is going to destroy you.
Picture this:
Remy, in his's 10:43 pm, and he should have been sleeping hours ago.
I hear, "Look! Look!"
I look over to see him pointing at his own picture on a shelf on the wall. Too cute. And super exciting I might add. Just a couple of minutes later, my incredible, amazing, beautiful, child (who is missing a huge chunk of his brain) says this:
"I a out"
I say "I know you want out, but it is night night time."
He replies "I a out. I play."
Grinning like a lunatic and with flutters in my own belly I say: "No, it isn't time to play." To which, I get the quintessential toddler response. "Why?"
Ha! Ladies and gentlemen, we have reached two!
Eventually I hear him, while sitting on the floor of his playpen, holding his Mickey Mouse (which he ferociously makes out with on a minute by minute basis) he says this. "No night night. No night night Mickey."


Can anyone BE



Him. He IS that amazing.