Monday, December 7, 2009

I a play.

Dear Tuberous Sclerosis Complex,

You suck, and Remy is going to destroy you.
Picture this:
Remy, in his's 10:43 pm, and he should have been sleeping hours ago.
I hear, "Look! Look!"
I look over to see him pointing at his own picture on a shelf on the wall. Too cute. And super exciting I might add. Just a couple of minutes later, my incredible, amazing, beautiful, child (who is missing a huge chunk of his brain) says this:
"I a out"
I say "I know you want out, but it is night night time."
He replies "I a out. I play."
Grinning like a lunatic and with flutters in my own belly I say: "No, it isn't time to play." To which, I get the quintessential toddler response. "Why?"
Ha! Ladies and gentlemen, we have reached two!
Eventually I hear him, while sitting on the floor of his playpen, holding his Mickey Mouse (which he ferociously makes out with on a minute by minute basis) he says this. "No night night. No night night Mickey."


Can anyone BE



Him. He IS that amazing.


  1. He is amazing.
    Yesterday, it just melted me to hear his sweet little words.