Saturday, December 5, 2009

good times.

"Mom! Now can we make the gingerbread train?"

"Yeah mom. We want to make a gingerbread train. We have gingerbread men to put in it from Nina's house."

"Please! We reeeaaalllyyy want to make the gingerbead train!"

We probably had this conversation about 39 times in the span of four days. I could not figure out what it was about the gingerbread train that had them so worked up. Finally, on day four, I had no excuse. No real reason why we could not assemble this piece of work. So we did. As you can see, Matai was




So there we were, breaking up the cookie pieces, opening the various frostings, and taking stock of the the differant candy varieties that would adorn said train. I mean, these kids are shaking they are so excited. Still, I can not figure out why they are so happy to put this thing together. It is, after all, just decoration, right? About six minutes into the decoration process, I hear the question for the first time.

"Can we eat it now?"

Ah. Now it all makes sense.

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  1. Where did you get this, Ezra was telling me about this train and how he wants to build one?