Wednesday, December 9, 2009

the fight of the century!

Now, let me just say, that you will ONLY see this here. A never before seen smack down for the history books went down in my very own kitchen. Oh yes....

Snake Eyes



Things got off to a rough start. Snake Eyes is a bit unsure of his skills.
Batman took the lead pretty early in the game.
Oooh! An injury sustained just moments in. And I quote: "Ow! He hit me in the part of my head that makes my brain work!" ....that would be his temple.
Poor Snake Eyes.
No mercy. He learned that from Johnny.
Can you believe that jump kick from Snake Eyes? Batman is totally Zen.

Batman has a soft spot for the underdog. He helped Snake Eyes with some minor repairs to his weaponry.

There you have it. The perks of motherhood are many. This will be legend.

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